Bare Bottom Farm

Small breeder of top quality Jack Russell Terriers and American Hunt Terriers located in Vermont.

Welcome to Bare Bottom Farm Jacks and Hunt Terriers

English, Irish, Puddin's, Black & Tans, Shorties...whatever you call them, they are the best.  We are so very proud of all our "kids" and all of their pups. We are proud members of the EJRTCA.  All of our dogs are registered with EJRTCA, NKC and AKC/FSS.  Some are UKC registered. We look forward to talking with other lovers of this wonderful breed.  Come visit and see for yourself what a Jack can do for you.

Hunt Terriers, black and tan jacks or solid jacks...these special little dogs are a true blessing to my home.  We could not be more thrilled with the addition of this breed.  If you love the little jacks but not the white hair then these would be perfect for you.  We are proud members of AHTCA

Shipping Information and other important info.

We are located 5 miles from Burlington International Airport.

Generally airfare ranges from $200-250, depending on the final destination.  

We encourage you to come pick up your pup if at all possible so you we can meet you and you can meet the parents of your new pup.

Your pup will be up to date with all vet care, be health certified and all breed registration paperwork will be in order (unless discussed.)  Our pups are sold with full registry unless otherwise stated.

I do not guarantee ear set, coat type or size at maturity. Genetics being what it is I do not guarantee any 8 week old pup to be suitable for breeding purpose.  My prices are pet prices and I prefer to sell pups into loving pet families.

Pups are usually ready to go to new homes in their 8th week.  I like to see litters depart close to that as it makes it easier on the pups, the mother and myself.  If for any reason this is not possible please let me know so we can make suitable arrangements.

One more thing... Please read before you consider a Bare Bottom Baby!

It has been mentioned before that Bare Bottom Babies are precious and few.  I love each and everyone of them and place them into what I hope to be the best of forever homes.  Their needs are discussed in great depth to those that have never had a Jack before.  I try my best to make sure the puppies go to the best homes possible.  But..we all know that occasionally things just don't work out.  In the past this has always been a verbal agreement but now I feel it should be put in print that I need to be contacted if something has changed in your family dynamics that makes it impossible to keep your puppy.  Let me help you find a new home for your pup.  Do not give your baby to a shelter.  After all they were my babies first so let me help get them into the right situation for everyone.